3 Tips for Crushing your Goals

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It’s hard to believe we’re a month into 2018 already!  It feels like just yesterday we were ringing in the new year and the resolutions we set for ourselves were front and centre.  

We swore to ourselves that this would FINALLY be the year that we do XYZ.  Now just 4 short weeks later, these intentions have lost their luster and the reality of everyday life has settled in.  

I’m happy to tell you that it’s not all lost.  I mean come on… there are still 11 months left in the year and there’s nothing to stay you have to start on January 1 right?!  You just have to make the decision that you are going to start NOW and follow these 3 simple steps:


1. Get crystal clear on exactly what you want and why you want it.  

It’s easy to say you want to “get healthy” "grow your business" or "improve your relationship" but being vague about exactly what that means isn’t going to help you stay laser focused on your goal.  Once you set a specific goal, think about why it’s is so important to you.  What will it mean when you accomplish this and how are you going to feel once you do?  Having a strong why will help keep you motivated to show up on the hard days - and trust me, they will happen.  My trick is to put reminders of my goal somewhere that I will see them daily - like your bathroom mirror, in your car or even the screensaver on your phone.  All of these serve as a reminder of what you are working towards and reconnecting with your goal keeps it front and center!

2. Put a plan in place and track your progress.

Now that you know what you want to accomplish, we need to figure out exactly how to make it happen.  That means breaking your goal into key steps and specifics actions you are going to take!  So if you want to improve your marriage, think about how many times a week you are going to have sex or if you want to do a weekly date night.  And for added accountability, block the time into your schedule just like you would any other appointment; this ensures that it actually happens because life gets busy for all of us.

Then it’s up to you to track whether or not you do what you say you will!  I encourage my clients to spend some time each Sunday to reflect on how the week went. They essentially give themselves a report card on how they did and identify any gaps.  This also serves as a chance to set their intentions for the coming week and course correct as needed.  Having the discipline for this self reflection ensures that weeks don’t slip away without making the progress towards your goal - because what gets measured gets done!  

3. Do a post mortem from your past and create strategies for success.

If we don’t deal with our past mistakes, we’re bound to repeat them.  You can either talk this through with a life coach, friend or family member and sometimes journaling on it can help uncover the real reasons that are holding you back. So take a little time to figure out why you struggled in the past and then develop a plan to break those patterns once and for all.  Only then will change truly happen!  

Now you have a goal, a clear plan and are set up for success - it’s up to you to put it into action TODAY!  To get more tips like this and daily motivation, I invite you to join my Facebook group - ELEVATE.  It's full of amazing driven women just like you who are looking to level up with their lives!

Nicole Santer