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Change is hard and messy but you don’t have to do it alone.


How I Can Help

I work with successful women and driven entrepreneurs to improve their relationships.  We work on everything from difficult marriages and romantic relationships, trouble setting boundaries with family or friends as well as self care and taking care of YOU.  Together we work towards what you truly want and you'll be empowered to create the changes you need and deserve.  Sound like you?   


My Specialties

  • bringing happiness and fulfillment back into your marriage 
  • how to have difficult conversations with people you care about 
  • teaching how to communicate with others to achieve what you need
  • balancing a business and or working full time while having a partner and kids 
  • how to create balance in your like and why you need it 
  • asking for help and how to shift your priorities accordingly 

The Details

I have a variety of package options from single sessions to longer term ongoing support.  To find out more and determine if we would be a good fit for working together, please submit this form and we’ll can arrange a time to talk.  

I was struggling to talk with my husband about money and our relationship when I reached out to Nicole. I am happy to say that after opening up to her it made me confident in talking to my husband.

The conversation with him went smoothly. He was able to hear what I was saying without instantly reacting. It’s one of the best conversations we’ve had in our whole marriage and I’m thankful to Nicole for that.
Courtney V.

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