Working with Nicole Santer is for coaches & service providers who are ready to move away from their MLM and launch their own independent business or take the business they have to the next level. If you are an ideal client for Nicole you value having a solid marketing plan and strategy but also follow your own intution and trust your gut. Also, you’re not looking to be just another cookie cutter coach - you want to create a business that is in total alignment and works for you and your goals. You know that it’s up to you to do the work and get the results but know that by working with Nicole that’s going to happen so much sooner!

There are currently 3 ways to work with Nicole:

  • The Elevate Experience - This is a 3 month mastermind for women looking for support to develop an online presense and marketing strategy to sell her offers so that so she can bring in consistent 4 figure months.

  • Private Mentorship - This is for someone who knows she needs more personalized support as she works to get crystal clear on what her business is, who she is meant to help and serve and how she can best do that. Over the 3 months we’ll work to build your audience and truly launch your business.

  • Turn Key Tech Services - If you are looking to get your tech done by an expert then it’s time to turn it over to Nicole and her team to get your sales funnel all designed, tested and done so that you can start bringing in clients today.


  1. Fill out the application below thoroughly.

    Nicole only takes on those who are highly committed and that shows when you put thought and heart into your application.

  2. Nicole will email you within 48 business hours with directions on our next steps.

    If your application is approved, we’ll schedule a 20-minute chat to dive into what’s going on in your business, what’s missing to get you to the next level, and which of my offers (if any) are the perfect fit for you.

Note: This application is only for badasses who are ready to get started + invest now.

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Investment for 3 Month Mastermind: $2,500 (or 3 x $1000). Investment for the Private Mentorship: $5,000 (or 3 x $1,750). Investment for Done for you Tech services: $1,000+