Hi I’m Nicole

I'm an empowerment coach for driven women and female entrepreneurs who truly want to have it all. My mission is to help strong and successful women rise up and create the life they desire. Does this sound like you?

I was struggling to talk with my husband about money and our relationship when I reached out to Nicole. I am happy to say that after opening up to her it made me confident in talking to my husband. The conversation with him went smoothly. He was able to hear what I was saying without instantly reacting. It’s one of the best conversations we’ve had in our whole marriage and I’m thankful to Nicole for that.
Courtney V.


No one told me how hard marriage would be.  I thought all you needed was love and the rest would just magically fall into place.  It seems so naive now.  From the outside my life might have looked picture perfect, but behind closed doors we had lots of challenges. 

After suffering years of infertility and multiple miscarriages, that meant that sex was an obligation for me, not a joy.  I had a habit of numbing my emotions with food and wine rather than to deal with what was really bothering me.  Slowly I shut down, stopped sharing my feelings and just settled into a life that I didn't really want.  

For years I used work as an excuse to put my relationship on the back burner.  It didn't matter what it was, I was always laser focused on my goals and as soon as I accomplished one, I moved onto the next shiny object.    

Things took a turn for the worst when I started my own online fitness coaching business.  I was spending an enormous amount of time trying to build my dream business while working full time.  It was taking me away not only my husband but also my two young kids.  There were multiple conversations about putting down my phone but I just didn't do it.  I loved what I did but I was essentially choosing my clients over my family.  This isn't something I'm proud of.     

Little did I know by working on my laptop each night rather than spend quality time with my family these resentment started to form.  Eventually the fighting stopped and one day we woke up as strangers. My husband and I acted like roommates who were just going through the motions in life.  Neither one of us was happy or really knew what to do or how to even bring it up.  

It call came to ahead when we were away on vacation. We talked about divorce because I wasn’t willing to settle or just stay together for the sake of the kids but he didn't want to quit. After some really hard conversations and admitting our mistakes, we made the decision to truly try and that’s the day our marriage turned around.

We learned how to communicate with each other again, ask for help and share our dreams.  We spent time reconnecting and started scheduling sex which allowed our relationship to flourish and so did my business.  Just a few simple changes and we’re in the best place we’ve ever been; plus I have the support I need to pursue my dreams with a true partner in love, life and purpose.   

My mission is to help successful women and female entrepreneurs have incredible relationships and get support from the people they love most!  It is possible for us, as women, to truly have it all!  We just need to step up and work for what we want.