About Me

I can’t remember when I was first bit with the entrepreneurial bug.  Maybe it was when I was determine to be the top cookie seller when I was a Girl Guide or maybe it was the vision of having my own Kool Aid business with my sister.  Either way I always had this drive to run my own business on my terms!

Those dreams I had as a kid kind of got lost when I became an adult and had to get a “real job”.  When I started my career I jumped from company from company always looking to find the right fit. Then I stumbled into network marketing after I decided I wanted to lose some weight after having my two girls and that when that spark was re-lit.

I became infatuated with living my life on my terms and I was determined to leave my corporate job.  I spent years in the online space selling someone else’s products when I decided that I wanted to focus on selling my own.  

That’s when I broke out as a solo-entrepreneur and literally tried everything under the sun to get my business off the ground.  It wasn’t until I followed my heart and truly found my zone of genius was I able to find the success that I had spent years searching for.  

Now I am on a mission to help other entrepreneurs to do the same!